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Establishment of International Centre for Environmental Education

The institution of Professional improvement in the sphere of environmental protection for representatives of enterprises and organisations of St. Petersburg became the first joint Russian-Finnish project within the framework of realisation of major directions of cooperation in the sphere of environmental protection between the Committee and the Ministry for the years 2004-2007.

The major goal of the project was development of conditions for training and retraining of head executives of organisations and specialists responsible for decision-making in realisation of business and other activity that affects the environment or may affect it negatively, and retraining of staff in the field of nature-protection management, to meet the needs of St. Petersburg;

improvement of ecological situation in the Baltic Sea area owing to improvement of professional skills of specialists responsible for solution of nature-protection problems in the region; improvement of mutual understanding between the specialists and residents of the both countries.

Only in the first year of existence of the Centre, more than 40 specialists raised their qualification at the courses organised on its basis; 50 persons took part in the training seminars for company managers. About 800 persons took part in more than 30 international actions organised ay the Centre.

Since then practically all work meetings and seminars, both municipal and international, are held by the Committee within the precincts of the Centre.

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