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Tools for users' access to geological information

Modern technologies provide the access to the maps directly via the Web-browser. In the course of the Project implementation a number of Web-services were developed to facilitate using the geological digital maps. The Web-services are available at the Environmental Portal of St. Petersburg: http://www.infoeco.ru/gisgeo. No additional software is needed to use the Web-services, just a Web-browser is enough. To pass over to a digital map a user should type in the address and choose a map from the list: wells and sections, crystalline basement, buried watercourses, tectonic scheme. Each map demonstrates geological information at a screen, and the necessary data can be found quite quickly. User tools will help to move within the map, to search for information, obtain detailed data about an area or an object of interest, print map sections out. Tools for visualization of drill-holes and geological sections available in the Web-service "Drill-holes and Sections" should be particularly mentioned.

Interactive web maps
The ground water flow model Shuvalovo
The ground water flow modelPolustorovo
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