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Project activities

The International Conference on Urban Geology dedicated to the completion of the Project "Integrating Geological Information in City Management to Prevent Environmental Risks (GeoInforM)" took place on 24 and 25 November, 2009 Reed more...

Stakeholders seminar "Sustainable use and protection of St. Petersburg geological environment"
in the framework of the LIFE-Third Countries Project "Integrating Geological information in City Management to Prevent Environmental Risks" (GeoInforM)" St. Petersburg, 25 November 2008

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Study tour of Russian experts to Hamburg 1-5 July, 2007

Originally the study tour was planned for 10 to 14 September, 2007. However, at the 1st Steering Committee Meeting it was proposed to organize it as early as in July.
In accordance with GeoInforM tasks the study visit was organized in order to get acquainted with the experience of storage and processing of geological information in the city environment of Hamburg(Task 5), and of its utilization in city management decisions (Task 2) Read more...

Study tour of Russian experts to Milan 3-8 June, 2007

According to the decision of the 1st Steering Committee, two study tours of Russian experts to Milan were held simultaneously in early June, 2007: one, originally planned for 12-16 March, to study the Milan experience in the application of Ground Water Flow Model (GWFM) (Task 4), the other, originally planned for 21-27 May, to study experiences in using geological information, and, in particular, experiences in geological licensing and control (Task 2).The proposed dates were the 4th to the 8th of June, but due to the flights schedule, the arrival date was June 3. Read more...

Visit of Mr. Ingolf Stueven, Hamburg Geological Survey, to St. Petersburg 26-30 March, 2007

Originally one visit of two Hamburg experts to St. Petersburg for 4 days was foreseen under Task 5, to assist Russian experts in the development of relational databases.
However, the Hamburg experts asked Dirk Spengler, the representative of Partner 1 in the Steering Committee, to discuss an opportunity to arrange two visits of an expert in databases, Mr. Stueven from the Hamburg Geological Survey. The first visit was intended to get information about databases and software available in St. Petersburg, to have the basis for the planned activity. Read more...

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