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Project materials



Project Final Report

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CD-ROM "User Manual"

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Project Demo Cd-Rom

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Final Project booklet

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Geological Atlas

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Geological Risk Mapping   Report Polustrovo    


Interviewing to identify potential users of geological information in St. Petersburg

Phase1     Phase 2

Practices of using geological information in land use planning

Practices of using geological information in land use planning in Finland

Practices of using geological information in land use planning in Humburg  

Practices of using geological information in land use planning in Milan

Progress reports

Progress_Report_June07  Progress Report nov07  Progress Report June08   MidTerm Report   Progress Report June2009  Progress report 4

Inventory of geological data available in St. Petersburg

Report         Annex

Geological licenining

REVIEW of geological control and licensing systems in partner countries

Review of the Geological Service, the Ministry for Urban Development and Environmental Protection Hamburg

Extraction of land resources in Finland – permits and licensing 

The 3d Steering Committee Meeting presentations:

1. SHUVALOVO area First step GWFM Download (ppt)                                                                                                                        2. Content of the Fund of Geological Information I.Bogatyrev, SC Mineral, G.Sergeyeva, CEP Download (ppt) 

3. Fund of geological information - a part of Environmental information system of St.Petersburg. Dmitry Frank-Kamenetsky Download (ppt) 

4. Digital map of geological zoning of St.Peterburg  Dmitry Frank-Kamenetsky Download (ppt) 

5. Input for Geological Risk Assessment,Johannes Klein & Jaana Jarva Download (ppt) 

6. Project management and executive planning of activities, Marina Korobeinikova Download (ppt) 

7. Pilot territory "Polyustrovo" (on russian only!)  Download (ppt) 

8. Geological data gathering (on russian only!) SC "Mineral" Download (ppt) 

The 2nd Steering Committee Meeting presentations:

1.Ground water flow modeling.Input data preparation. D.Frank-Kamenetsky (Committee) I.Bogotyrev (Mineral) G.Savenkova (Mineral) M.Naumovets (Mineral) G.Bogdanova (expert) Download    (ppt) 

2.Informational and technical structure of the regional geological database.  I.Bogatyrev, SC Mineral Download (ppt) 

3. Committee activities related to the GeoInforM. Download (ppt) 

4. Analyze of geological information which is available in the city. Download  ppt) 

5. Study visit to Milan, Task 2 (experiences in using geological information, and, in particular, experiences in geological licensing and control) Marina Korobeinikova Download (ppt) 

6. PROJECT WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT. Artem Rutkovsky,project manager,Ladoga Telecom Download (ppt) 

7. Province of Milan Central Directorate Environmental Resources presentation Download (ppt) 

8. Shuvalovo hydrogeology polygon presenyation Download  (ppt) 

9. Study Visit in Hamburg Download (ppt) 

10. Task 1. Project management and executive planning of activities. Marina Korobeinikova  Download (ppt) 

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