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Environmental culture

Raising of public awareness on environmental
issues in St. Petersburg

Environmental culture is an inherent part of the pan-human and national cultures. It includes a system of social relations, material values, norms and ways of interaction of the society with the environment.  It is continuously formulated in the public conscience and behavior through lives and activities of generations by permanent ecological education and enlightening; it facilitates the healthy way of living, spiritual development of the society, sustainable social and economic development and ecological safety of the society and people. 

Formation of ecological culture shall be directed at formation of an active public position in both defending public's vested rights for favorable environment and practical involvement of the public in all efforts on formation of such favorable media, prevention and deterrence of environmental crimes among St. Petersburg population of all ages and social groups.   

Major directions of activities on formation of ecological culture of St. Petersburg population shall be:  

1. Perfecting the system of ecological education (training of pedagogical personnel, development of experimental sites of ecological education of the basis of educational institutions of St. Petersburg);

2. Developing ecological and educational activities at the institutions of supplementary education of children and adults;

3. Providing support to educational and children's public organizations leading active work in the ecological direction;

4. Involving public association and other non-profit organizations in resolving actual ecological problems of St. Petersburg;  

5. Holding all-city public ecological events targeted at focusing St. Petersburg residents' attention on the issues of environmental protection and provision of safety of the activities and health;

6. Developing the system of professional training (re-training) and enhancing qualification of leaders and specialists in charge for decision-making in the area of environmental management, environmental protection and environmental safety provision;

7. Enhancing awareness of the business circles of St. Petersburg on the issues of environmental legislation and their training in methods of management with consideration of the environmental factor;

8. Establishing of special programs on radio and television channels, covering of actual issues of environmental protection in the mass media and through social advertising;

9. Increasing of the amount of specialized literature, magazines, newspapers, booklets, and commercials published on environmental issues and distributing these materials among residents of St. Petersburg and development of the environmental video library;;

10. Creation and support of websites on actual issues of environmental protection.

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