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Environmental safety

Environmental safety on the condition of environment and the vital interests of people from possible negative impact of economic and other activity, natural and technogenic emergency situations and their consequences.

One of the main objectives assigned by the Government of Saint Petersburg to the Committee is ensuring environmental safety of the residents and the city area, including:

  • prevention and elimination of petroleum and petroleum products spills on the navigable water area of St. Petersburg and also on its non-navigable parts, on water courses and in the isolated reservoirs;
  • elimination of radioactive and chemical pollution of St. Petersburg, including pollution by petroleum and mercury products.

For the solution of these tasks in St. Petersburg on the basis of state unitary enterprises subordinated to the Committee was created and now functions the City complex emergency ecological service - CCEES. CCEES dispatch service operates in the round-the-clock mode and accepts messages and information from the Ministry of Emergency Situations, duty services and citizens on issues relating to environmental safety.

Readiness of the City complex emergency ecological service for elimination of chemical, radiation, mercury pollution and petroleum spills in St. Petersburg makes 15 minutes to departure, and 2 hours for arrival to the scene of accident in the afternoon and 2,5 hours at night; elimination of petroleum spills up to 5 tons during 24 hours.

The main activities of CCEES are:

  • rapid localization and elimination of the emergencies and incidents connected with radioactive and hazardous substances pollution (including petroleum, mercury products and its compounds) of city objects and free access area;
  • carrying out inspections of city objects and free access area for radioactive and hazardous substances pollution degree assessment;
  • prevention of emergencies - collecting of radioactive materials, hazardous substances including mercury, mercury-containing products and unsuitable medications (except for medical facilities) from social sphere objects, their transportation, temporary storage and transfer to the long-term supervised storage.


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